I’ve recorded an album under the pen name The Lesser. It’s being mixed right now. It’s always been my dream to record an album and be the only instrumentalist and vocalist. This album is the first time I’ve been able to do that… almost –>  There is a song called “What Do You Think?” I […]

GVSU Career Services

DeVaney, J. (2017). Selfie. Grand Rapids, MI. For years I’ve been adding jobs to the same resume. For the last seven years, my resume has been formatted the same way. This being said, I probably have the most unimpressive resume known to man. But that’s ok. I’m still learning how to improve myself and make […]

A new perspective: Tweetdeck

In the PR world, one of the things that you are always trying to do is make sure that you or your company has a good presence online. The best way to do that is to consistently upkeep your blog, twitter, instagram or facebook. Personally, I’ve always been under the impression that platforms like twitter and […]

What Jobs Are Out There?

I decided to look at the current job market to see what positions were available right now. I used and put “Public Relations” in the search bar. There were several things that I find interesting. I picked out five jobs that stood out to me… those are listed below: Marketing and Communications Specialist Choice Schools […]

Business Card Design

Most professionals that I know have business cards. Business cards have always been the networking standard because they are easy to keep on hand. I took a stab at making a mock business card for myself and my brand. Being that I want my “music brand implemented I a few wonderful pictures from a clip art […]