Brand Yourself


screen-shot-2017-02-01-at-8-09-50-pmBranding. It’s a new concept to me. It’s really important for those in the creative and the PR world to have a good brand. As I’ve been trying to manage my online presence, I’ve been learning that there are actually several Jason DeVaney’s in the world. Because I am not a freelance writer, nor am I a professional pool player it is important that I distinguish myself from them.

In this process I’ve used a free online service called “Brand Yourself.” It is a really useful tool to use when trying to manage your online presence. It offers helpful hints for your social media outlets. Something I hadn’t even thought about is that most of my social media didn’t have any written in my bio section. I updated that and BOOM!!! 50 POINTS!!! I am confident that in the future I will eventually upgrade to the full service to better maintain my brand.

DeVaney, J. (02.01.17). Brand Yourself Website (Screenshot)

unknown instagram_app_large_may2016_200


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