Musician’s Keyword Search Campaign

There is a fantastic tool on the internet called Google Adwords. It is designed to help direct people to your website using keywords on a budget of your choosing. For example, I came up with 7 words. It showed me the average monthly searches for each word, the competition them, and a suggested bid to direct people to your sight. My results were as followed:

Keywords (Average Monthly Searches) [Competition] {Suggested Bid}
1. Singer (1m-10m) [Low] {$0.27}
2. Lyrics (1m-10m) [Low] {$0.71}
3. Singer (100k-1m) [Low] {$0.30}
4. Writing (100k-1m) [Low] {$1.35}
5. Artist (100k-1m) [Low] {$1.15}
6. Compose (100k-1m) [Low] {$1.00}
7. Musician (10k-100k) [Low] {$0.60}


Retrieved March 15, 2017, from

Another really cool thing is that it offers suggestions for keywords that you could use as well. Some of those results were as follows:

Keywords (Average Monthly Searches) [Competition] {Suggested Bid}
1. Local Musicians (100k-1m)[Low]{$0.18}
2. Latest Music (10k-100k)[Low]{$0.14}
3. Writer (100k-1m)[Low]{$1.88}
4. Contemporary Artists (100k-1m)[Low]{$2.10}
5. Modern Artists (100k-1m)[Low]{$2.10}

Retrieved March 15, 2017, from

If you’re a local Musician, or a writer, and want your audience to find your latest music, to compete with Modern/Contemporary Artists, google adwords could be a really useful tool for you. The knowledge of this tool is one that I find very useful and will use in the future as I try to market myself and my band.

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