Business Card Design

Most professionals that I know have business cards. Business cards have always been the networking standard because they are easy to keep on hand. I took a stab at making a mock business card for myself and my brand. Being that I want my “music brand implemented I a few wonderful pictures from a clip art website that has free public domain clip art. I recommend to those who are looking towards the DIY route of creating a business card.

When I was designing the card I used a program called “indesign” which is an incredibly powerful program.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 5.50.07 PM
(DeVaney, Jason. Screen Shot of Indesign. 2017, Indesign)

Many people who are in the graphic design field use this program to piece together magazines and other hi-quality documents. Companies that produce flyers use indesign. It’s a really versatile program.

My Business Card62   My Business Card6
(DeVaney, Jason. Business Card Output. 2017, Indesign)

At this point I don’t see the need to have a business card. I will look to the professionals to create one for me when I start my job hunt after graduation. But getting my feet wet with indesign will be useful knowledge to have.

unknown  instagram_app_large_may2016_200


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