GVSU Career Services


DeVaney, J. (2017). Selfie. Grand Rapids, MI.

For years I’ve been adding jobs to the same resume. For the last seven years, my resume has been formatted the same way. This being said, I probably have the most unimpressive resume known to man. But that’s ok. I’m still learning how to improve myself and make myself marketable thanks to Grand Valley State University.

Grand Valley State University is where I am attending school right now. Since I am a student they offer career support services. Basically, they’ll help you find a job or make yourself more marketable to employers. I decided to take my dusty resume to the Career Support Services to see if they could help me polish it up. They did. The creation of a resume is a somewhat abstract concept and different people have different preferences. So my career counsellor had a few suggestions for me about which of my previous jobs I should list, what I should set my font and margins at in order to make most of it be on the first page.

If you’re a GVSU student, you should check these guys out. They’re very useful.

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