The Brief History, The Now & The Google Analytics

The Brief History
I’ve been talking a lot about marketing and public relations over the last several months. The reason these have been on the forefront of my mind is because I’m studying and learning so much about them right now. As I’ve been hearing about all of these tools from my peers, it made sense for me to try them so I had some sort of knowledge under my belt.

The biggest question that I have been asking myself over the past few months is as follows: “What is the brand of Jason DeVaney?” This is an important question to ask because I need to have the ability to market myself to employers, clients or customers.
It was challenging to think of a “brand” for myself at first. So I asked myself what I wanted to accomplish, if I could do anything and could make a living off of it.

A few months back I put the finishing touches on the vocal parts for an album that my band “the lowercase” is putting out in a month or so. Yesterday, I finished the guitar parts for the solo record that I’m putting out in 3 or 4 months. I have plans to release an acoustic followup to my solo record in the fall. I plan to play shows to promote all of these above. Essentially, I have 3 albums that are finished or near finished right now that I’m planning to release. Also, I want to work in public relations. This is where I found my brand. Jason DeVaney – musician, public relations major.

The Now
Cool. So now what? Since I know my brand, what’s my plan? I will spare the details of my current plan because it’s fairly intricate and is a bore to explain. I will say this… some of the technologies that I’ve learned over the past several months will be put to good use as I try to promote the music projects that I’m involved with. The nutshell of what I have learned is this: Communicating through social media, engaging people and advertising through those platforms regularly is very important.

I just learned about a new tool that I plan on using to promote my endeavors…

The Google Analytics
Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 6.24.53 PM

DeVaney, J. (2017). Google analytics. Mountain View, California; Google.

I took the time to take classes that google put together online. This free of charge service trained me how to be an amateur web analyst. Google Analytics is a service that tracks website traffic. It can tell you things about people who visit your website. You can learn how old a website viewer is, where they live, how they got to your website and many other things.

I am planning on using this to cater my musical endeavors to different audiences. As I look through the data, I plan on keeping track of the concentrated geographic locations of website viewers are so I can know which markets I need to focus time and effort into. I also plan to use it to compare the social media outlets and measure how much engagement is happening on them… keeping in touch with fans is important.

It’s also important to see how much time people are spending on the different pages to make sure that all of our platforms are visually appealing and engaging. There are plenty more ways that you can use it but those are a few practical ways that I plan to use google analytics to advance my musical endeavors.

Side note: To those you can’t decide on a career… You can get certified in beginner’s google analytics for free and make big bucks putting what you learned to use.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 3.04.00 PM

DeVaney, J. (2017). Google analytics. Mountain View, California; Google.



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