Musician’s Keyword Search Campaign

There is a fantastic tool on the internet called Google Adwords. It is designed to help direct people to your website using keywords on a budget of your choosing. For example, I came up with 7 words. It showed me the average monthly searches for each word, the competition them, and a suggested bid to […]

Photoshop as I see it

Have you ever had a photo that has an unwanted element in it? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just take it out without damaging the photo? Now that I understand photoshop I can tell you that this is actually possible. In the photos below you will see that there are some houses and […]


Since I’m trying to figure out how to better market myself, I decided that it would be a good idea to learn how to better produce video. For this concept I decided to storyboard the idea to run it by some people for input. As seen below, I produced a video where I played and […]

Real Musicians

Imagine this. You’re out camping with your friends and cooking marshmallows over the fire. As you’re enjoying casual conversation an abrupt noise interrupts and takes the attention that it doesn’t deserve. Have you ever been in a situation where you hear somebody trying to showcase their talents… or lack thereof? They usually have a few […]

Brand Yourself

Branding. It’s a new concept to me. It’s really important for those in the creative and the PR world to have a good brand. As I’ve been trying to manage my online presence, I’ve been learning that there are actually several Jason DeVaney’s in the world. Because I am not a freelance writer, nor am […]

Thoughts about depression

My whole life I have been told time after time “you are too emotional…” At points I was encouraged to dial it back or turn it off. I am easily offended. I don’t like being picked on. I don’t like when people try to get under my skin purposefully. It makes me feel insecure, inadequate, […]

The Beauty Beneath It

I’ve always heard this analogy of God taking the all of the sins I’ve committed in this life (and the ones I haven’t yet committed) and washing them “white as snow.” Snow is always given this image of being pure, lovely and beautiful. We first see this analogy in the book of Psalms in the […]